Buying Brand Guide: Armortex

We all know that dangerous situations exist in various workplaces.

Maybe you’ve experienced one. Or multiple.

Courtrooms, gas stations, banks, government offices… these are all high-risk locations and someone or something must protect the people and items within them.

Since 1980, Armortex has been trusted by businesses and individuals to do just that.

Armortex designs and manufactures the most advanced bulletproof and blast-resistant equipment in the country and has been doing so for nearly forty years from its facility based in Schertz, Texas.

As stated above, this equipment is utilized in many workplace environments, including convenience stores, check cashing clerks, stadiums, military bases, prisons, and more.

Any company with employees and products to safeguard should seriously be considering their security options at every step of the way as their business continues to grow or as security concerns become more prevalent. This is especially true when the nature of the job requires dealing with individuals with criminal tendencies and backgrounds, such as at prisons and many other government offices, or in high-risk occupations that handle large sums of money.

If this is you, you should probably start looking at what security products are available.

This guide is everything you need to know about what products Armortex has to offer to make your company or workplace safe with reliable products you can trust.

Bullet Resistant Armortex Windows

Strong and durable windows are essential for any facility responsible for either housing dangerous people or dealing with high-risk transactions.

A weak window set is a gold mine to any criminal, whether they are about to commit an unlawful act, or they are already serving prison time.

Armortex offers three types of bullet resistant windows – hollow metal frames, aluminum frames, and “C” channel frames – that will keep you and your employees safe when those critical moments happen. They are all available in a variety of options that can be attached to provide the level of security that you seek.

Here’s a list of each of some of those options.

Armortex Hollow Metal Window Frames

Armortex hollow metal frames are bullet resistant and projectiles exhibit a “non-ricochet” effect upon contact. This is because these windows, like most Armortex products, are designed to absorb projectiles to prevent accidental injury or worse.

Other features include:

  • Your choice of steel or stainless steel
  • Ballistic armor included for maximum protection
  • Available in fixed, split, or operable frames
  • Available in transaction frames with either normal or high-panel, an optional transaction tray (see below), and with or without a speaker box (see below)

Armortex Aluminum Window Frames

Armortex bullet-resistant aluminum frames also feature a “non-ricochet” effect on projectiles that reduces the chance of injury. They are made from 6061-T6 clear or dark bronze aluminum and are reinforced by ballistic armor.

Other features include:

  • Available in fixed, clamp-on, and baffle frames
  • Available in transaction frames with either normal or high-panel, an optional transaction tray (see below), and with or without a speaker box (see below)
  • Also available in sliding transaction and thermally broken frames.

Armortex “C” Channel Window Frames

“C” channel window frames add necessary protection for any business that may need to stop forced entry by unwanted guests. “C” channel windows are designed with steel formed into “C” channels.

Other available features:

  • Available in your choice of steel or stainless-steel material
  • Transaction window with or without sliding feature and speaker box

Bullet-Resistant Armortex Doors

Doors that are not resistant to forced entries have no place in high-risk facilities.

And like secure windows, doors relied upon to save lives should probably be bulletproof as well… And that’s exactly the kind of product Armortex brings you.

Armortex bullet-resistant doors are built to stop unwanted forced entries, attacking projectiles and blasts to protect people and items on the other side.

Armortex designs two styles of doors – hollow metal and wood – both offering ballistic level protection and featuring “non-ricochet” effects that reduce the chances of accidental injuries by projectiles from weapons. Armortex bullet and blast resistant products absorb incoming projectiles upon contact.

Below will detail the different options that each style of door offers:

Armortex Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal door frames are made using cold rolled steel, as well as the door itself. Ballistic armor and foam insulation is inserted into the interior of the door to increase ballistic level protection required to keep you and those around you safe.

Additional features include:

  • “Non-ricochet” protection from projectiles to reduce injuries
  • Sturdy and reliable aluminum gear hinges
  • Available in a flush design with no viewing window
  • Available in view lite with a viewing window
  • Available in half lite with a viewing window
  • Available in full lite with a large viewing window
  • Available in slim lite with a small viewing window
  • “Non-ricochet” protection from projectiles to reduce injuries
  • Sturdy and reliable aluminum gear hinges
  • Available in a flush design with no viewing window
  • Available in view lite with a viewing window
  • Available in half lite with a viewing window
  • Available in full lite with a large viewing window
  • Available in slim lite with a small viewing window

Armortex Wood Doors

Armortex wood door frames are made using cold-rolled steel as well. They also include various features that maximize protection. These are listed below:

  • “Non-Ricochet” protection from projectiles to reduce injuries
  • Ballistic armor available from 1 ¾” thick to over 2”
  • Features a veneer fiberglass armor core with particle board
  • Has sturdy and reliable aluminum gear hinges

Additional Armortex Customer–Transaction Features

Armortex offers features that allow the ease-of-access, flexibility, and added protection needed during customer-employee interactions.

This is critical for people handling large amounts of money, like gas station clerks, cash checking clerks, or even pawn shops attendants.

These features include composite fiberglass panels, bullet resistant transaction drawers, trays, and speakers, gun ports, and receiver packages.

More details on each of these are listed below.

Armortex Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels

Armortex manufactures their composite fiberglass panels out of woven roving ballistic grade fiberglass, compressed into flat sheets.

These panels are tested thoroughly using 9mm metal copper jacket bullets and are approved by the U.S. Marshal Service.

And if the Marshal Service is good with it, so am I.

Options include:

  • Available from 3’ to 4’ widths
  • Available from 8’, 9’, or 10’ lengths

Armortex Transaction Trays

Transaction deal trays are designed to allow employees in high-risk situations feel secure while performing their job. Trays are conveniently installed either into a service counter or on top, depending on the type of counter.

Here are the features you can buy with Armortex trays:

  • Available in 10”x12” or 10”x16” designs
  • Options include recessed trays or trays with flaps
  • Offers a ballistic enclosure attachment to provide maximum security during transactions
  • Includes “non-ricochet” features, either one-sided or two-sided
  • Service mount optional
  • Optional “non-ricochet” sliding lid tray, available in 13”x16” designs

Armortex Bullet-Resistant Transaction Drawers

Bullet-resistant transaction drawers may sometimes be required in trays are not big or secure enough. Armortex offers drawers in available sizes that will allow you to service customers, including cash transactions, all while feeling safe and protected from forced entry or unexpected projectiles.

Armortex offers the following features:

  • Available 7” and 10” high drawers, depending on security needs
  • Additional cash tray available for money services
  • Larger and more secure options are available as well

Armortex Transaction Speakers

Armortex speakers provide easy communication between customers and employees while making each person involved feel safe.

Below are the features Armortex speakers provide:

  • Fit into 4” to 6” diameter holes, depending on location
  • Installed with stainless steel plates to protect the exterior side

Armortex Pivot Gun Ports

Manufactured using stainless steel plates, Armortex gun ports allow added protection when dealing with firearms while providing quick access.

Armortex gun ports include the following features:

  • Available with an open and close knob
  • Features a removable locking pin
  • Available with ¼” stainless steel pivot plates for levels 1 to 3 ballistic protection
  • Available with HI-Hard ballistic steel for levels 4 to 8 ballistic protection
  • Available with 5”x 2” sliding open protected with ballistic steel and latch

Armortex Package Receivers

Armortex package receivers have a steel body and protect from any unwanted persons attempting to get into secure packages. If you need to protect high-risk packages, Armortex package receivers might just fit your needs.

Available features include:

  • Has an interlocking process that allows only one door open at a time
  • Available with interior locking paddle latch
  • Has an exterior door handle for easy carrying
  • Available in different sizes to meet security needs

Armortex Has What You Need

Armortex has been leading the country in providing reliable security products for nearly forty years.

As you can see above, they offer everything you need for protection – from windows to doors, transaction trays to drawers, and gun ports to speakers.

If you want a product trusted by businesses all across the United States, consider Armortex.

You can see all of their design options and available features on their website.

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