The Henderson Thermoprene Wetsuit Review – A Must Read Before You Buy Your Next Wetsuit

A good diver knows that the safety and fun factor in every dive come from the equipment they use.

And one piece of equipment that receives mediocre attention is the wetsuit.

With so many of them around, it is easy to think that buying a wetsuit is as easy as buying a swimsuit.

Heck! Even a swimsuit is not so easy to buy, come to think of it.

But when it comes to getting a swimsuit, it’s a whole different ball game.

When buying a wetsuit, quality, durability, comfort, and many other features we will look at come into play. These are qualities that the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit wears very well – especially Henderson’s Thermoprene front zipper men’s wetsuit.

What? You’ve never heard of the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit?

Well, you are in luck my friend, as that’s the subject of our review today.

But before we go deeper with our Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit review, let’s take a look at some basic things you need to know before diving off in search of a wetsuit.

What is a Wetsuit?

A wetsuit is basically the swimming gear worn by surfers, divers, windsurfers, and others who participate in watersports. This also includes triathletes and hikers.

Wetsuits are usually made out of a synthetic rubber material called neoprene.

The advantages of neoprene, apart from its stretch factor, include excellent heat insulation and increased buoyancy that is a result of nitrogen gas infused into the structure and the light density of the material.

Wetsuits also aid you to swim more efficiently due to them being hydrophobic. That reduces the friction between the suit and the water, allowing you to glide easier in water.

Although it is called a wetsuit, the main function of a wetsuit is to keep you dry and warm when in the water.

And surprisingly, in order for it to keep you warm, it has to get you warm first.

Go figure.

No, not really, I’ll explain it to you.

The Simple Science Behind a Wetsuit

In order to fully appreciate how a wetsuit works, it is necessary for you to understand that water is a very good conductor of heat. In other words, it easily draws heat away from your body – in fact, 20 times faster than air does.

What does this mean to you?

It simply means when you enter the water (pool or sea) your temperature quickly starts decreasing.

This is what leads to hypothermia, a state in which a person has an abnormally low body temperature. Hypothermia can lead to your vital organs (like the heart and nervous system) failing.

And this is exactly why you need to wear a wetsuit.

Wetsuits, good wetsuits like the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit, keep you warm by trapping a very thin layer of water between your body and the wetsuit. Although the water will wick away the heat from your skin, the insulating factor of the wetsuit will keep the heat trapped, making it act like a blanket. The temperature of the water layer, will soon match your body temperature, making you enjoy a constant temperature no matter the depths you dive to.

That is why, when purchasing a wetsuit, you should get the perfect fit. Too loose and you turn into a water balloon, too tight and you suffocate.

If you take your diving seriously, then you know that you need a great wetsuit – a Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit. It combines all the advantages of neoprene and Henderson’s innovative technology to give you a very comfortable wetsuit that stretches up to 75% (thanks to nylon 2 neoprene) more than your normal wetsuit.

This makes it so that you enjoy a great experience every time you plunge into the water.

But, do all wetsuits offer the same warmth?

Let’s get to that.

Henderson Thermoprene Wetsuit – The Perfect Underwater Skin

If you are on the hunt for a new wetsuit and need something lightweight and easy to get in and out of, then it’s the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit is exactly what you are looking for.

Why all the hype concerning the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit?

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome features you can expect to enjoy from this wetsuit, shall we?

Construction and Build Quality

One of the greatest strengths of the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuits is its construction.

Made from lightweight and strong neoprene, this is one wetsuit that certainly won’t add any weight to your body (and already heavy gear) as it only weighs 3-pounds.

To increase the durability, the seams on the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit are sewn with an 8-needle stitch and glued – giving the joints double strength. No need to fear your seams fraying as the glue will hold them together.

As for coming in and out of the wetsuit, the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit features a high-quality front zipper. This not only makes it easy to put on and off but adds to the durability of the wetsuit as well. The zipper also has a safety flap to keep the zipper from rubbing against your body.

And for ease of movement, the wetsuit has a good amount of lycra trim to make the wetsuit move with your body, giving you a greater range of motion as compared to other wetsuits.

One great feature to look for in a wetsuit, especially if you are more into diving, is the spine pad. The Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit comes with a great spine pad that will fill any extra space around your spine, preventing any cold water from running down your spine.

Speaking of water seeping into the wetsuit, the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit has an adjustable collar to ensure a snug fit on your neck. Not only will this keep the water out but will also aid in keeping your body warm.

Size and Fitting

When it comes to finding the perfect size for yourself, you’ll be glad to know that Henderson Thermoprene wetsuits come in every size imaginable. Well, not really, but they do have an excellent selection of sizes – so much so that you won’t have any problem finding a size that fits you perfectly.

And yes, no matter your body shape and size, you’ll probably find a Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit to fit you.

Use and Functionality

As already mentioned, the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit is an easy on/off wetsuit – making it one of the easiest wetsuits to get in and out of (if you are a beginner diver, best get to ordering yourself one).

When you compare the zipper design to other brands, you’ll definitely appreciate this simple feature. For example, some wetsuits designs feature a zipper placed at the back.

One thing you don’t want from a wetsuit is material that is clingy or restricts your movement. With a Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit, movement, or lack of it, will not be a problem thanks to the lycra lining.

Understanding Wetsuits – Thickness and Warmth

Wetsuits are made to different thickness specifications for different water temperatures.

This means before you buy a wetsuit, you need to know the average temperature of the water you will be using it in.

For example, if you intend to use your wetsuit surfing in summer, you’ll need a thinner wetsuit than someone who will be diving – especially in winter.

In essence, the purpose of a wetsuit is to keep warmth in and cold out, meaning the colder the water, the thicker your wetsuit will have to be.

For a great read on wetsuit thickness, Sport Diver did a great piece that is really insightful and helpful. But generally speaking, wetsuits come in 3 basic sizes:

Henderson Thermoprene 3mm Pro Men's Shorty (Front Zip)
  • Super soft, 250% stretch neoprene provides a melt in your hand feel.
  • Aqua Silk lining on all interior panels.
  • Larger neoprene panel and minimized seams keep cold water out and warm water in.

The 7mm Wetsuit

The 7mm wetsuit is the thickest wetsuit you will find for recreational and sports diving. It is best for diving in waters in the 50-60 degrees F range. It is also advisable to wear other accessories in these frigid waters – accessories like boots and hoodies.

The 5mm Wetsuit

Like lukewarm water, the 5mm wetsuit is usually overlooked for other cooler or warmer iterations. When it comes to wetsuit thickness, many people own a 7mm for cold waters and a 3mm for warm water, but rarely a 5mm for those in-between seasons.

Although you may not use a 5mm wetsuit as often as the others, it is still good to have on hand for those times you dive in waters in the 60-70 degree F temp range.

The 3mm Wetsuit

The 3mm wetsuit is commonly referred to as the warm water suit, and that for obvious reasons – it is a warm water wetsuit. Best suited for waters in the 70-85 degree F range, it is also the best suit to use on consecutive dives or if you are going to spend a lot of time in the water.

Yes, even if the water is warm, say above 80, you still need a wetsuit. Remember, water wicks your body temperature faster than air, so even in warm water, your core temperature can dip to dangerous levels.

Henderson has wetsuits for all types of water, so don’t sweat about getting the right wetsuit for your favorite diving spot.

Henderson Women's Thermoprene Pro Wetsuit 7mm Back Zip Fullsuit Black
  • Super soft, 250% stretch neoprene provides a melt in your hand feel.
  • Aqua Silk lining on all interior panels.
  • Larger neoprene panel and minimized seams keep cold water out and warm water in.

The Henderson Thermoprene Wetsuit – Let’s Go Diving

With all that has been said about the Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit, I bet you can’t wait to get into one and head to your favorite dive spot.

I mean who wouldn’t?

This is one wetsuit that is so comfortable, durable, warm, and yes, makes you look good. And besides being ergonomic (the wetsuit that is), the price on every Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit is another bonus point.

This is one affordable wetsuit that can definitely compete with other high-end wetsuits on the market. And that quite favorably.

So go ahead, get yourself a Henderson Thermoprene wetsuit and let’s go diving.

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