One of the greatest pastimes you can enjoy on this planet is diving.

And that is the reason our beautiful planet is made up of 71 percent water (according to me anyway).

As with all sports and pastimes, the right equipment makes all the difference between fun and fatality.

When it comes to diving, one of the most important pieces of equipment is the wetsuit.

As your main contact point with the water, a wetsuit plays a vital role in your diving experience.

That is why you need to invest in a very good one – in fact, the best – like the NeoSport Premium wetsuit.

Why this wetsuit in particular?

I’ll tell you shortly.

But first, let’s take a look at what a wetsuit is first.

What is a Wetsuit?

A wetsuit is swimming gear worn by surfers, divers, windsurfers, and others involved in water sports, including triathletes and hikers.

Wetsuits are usually made out of foamed neoprene.

What’s so special about neoprene?

Neoprene is a type of foam rubber with a cellular structure that has nitrogen gas bubbles trapped inside it. This makes neoprene a very good heat insulator.

Apart from heat insulation, neoprene has the advantage of increased buoyancy due to decreased density as a result of the nitrogen gas. It also reduces friction as it is hydrophobic, allowing the wearer to easily glide in water.

Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of a wetsuit is not to keep you dry, it is to keep you warm.

And how does it do that?

By getting you wet.

Yes, that’s why wetsuits are called wetsuits because they keep you dry by making you wet first.

The science behind the wetsuit is really not hard to understand.

How Do Wetsuits Work?

To properly understand how wetsuits work, you first need to know that water draws heat away from your body about 20 times faster than air does.

This means that once you enter the water, your body temperature, and thus your core temperature, starts decreasing very fast. This can lead to hypothermia, which can lead to your vital organs (like the heart and nervous system) failing.

Wetsuits keep you warm by trapping a thin layer of water between your body and the wetsuit. That is why your wetsuit should be tightly fitting, otherwise, you will turn into a water balloon, a cold one at that.

Once the thin layer of water is trapped between your body and the neoprene wetsuit, the insulating feature of the wetsuit also traps the heat escaping from your body into the water. This causes the temperature of the layer of water to quickly rise to match your body temperature.

It is this thin layer of water that will act like a blanket that keeps your body warm.

This is why the NeoSport premium wetsuit is a great investment for everyone who takes their water sport seriously. It combines all the above advantages of neoprene, and more, to give you a great experience every time you plunge into the water.

Now that you understand what a wetsuit is and how it works, the next step to your underwater adventure is to know how to buy the perfect wetsuit for yourself.

5 Steps to Purchasing the Perfect Wetsuit

Buying a wetsuit is not at all like buying a tracksuit.

An ill-fitting tracksuit may result in you being arrested by the fashion police. An ill-fitting wetsuit, on the other hand, will turn you into shark food.

So how do you go about choosing a wetsuit that won’t lead to a cold stream of water flowing down your back?

1. Know Your Water Temperature

Water temperature is important because it will determine the thickness of your wetsuit.

The colder the water, the thicker your wetsuit should be as it will keep you warmer.

Here is a simple guide that shows the wetsuit thickness required for different water temperatures.

  • 2 mm: Water temperatures above 29 C (85 F)
  • 3 mm: Water temperatures between 21-28 C (70-85 F)
  • 5 mm: Water temperatures between 16-20 C (60-70 F)
  • 6.5 mm: Water temperatures between 10-20 C (50-70 F)

If you venture into water at temperatures lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll be treading into dry suit territory.

But that’s a post for another day.

Before buying your wetsuit, you need to know the temperature of the water you’ll be spending most of your time in.

2. Choose a Style

Wetsuits come in a number of different styles and designs. The most common are the full wetsuit, “shorties” that feature short arms and legs, a farmer John/Jane (a 2-piece with long legs but short sleeves), a hooded wetsuit, or one of the other styles out there.

Your style is also determined by the kind of water you will be doing your diving in.

For example, a shortie is better suited for warmer waters, while the full wetsuit (which is the most popular) is for cold waters but also serves as an all-purpose type.

3. Go for Quality

The quality of a wetsuit is a very important factor, and as such, it is critical to check the quality of a wetsuit before you buy one.

Besides the quality of the material used, you also need to check the quality of the stitches.

Cheap quality wetsuits are simply glued together with no stitching involved while on the other end of the spectrum are high-quality wetsuits have blind stitches. This involves gluing the pieces together and then stitching them.

This is another reason you need to strongly consider getting yourself a NeoSport premium wetsuit. The quality is exceptionally good.

4. Make Sure it’s the Right Fit

A wetsuit must be snug enough so as not to allow water to seep in, yet loose enough to allow you to breathe and move.

The easiest way to make sure your wetsuit is a perfect fit is to try it on (where possible). A correct fitting wetsuit should be snug at the ankles, wrists, and neck while allowing enough space for breathing (especially at the neck).

Great stuff!

Now you are ready to go diving.

Oh, wait. You don’t have a wetsuit yet.

And that’s why you are strongly considering purchasing a NeoSport premium wetsuit.

NeoSport Premium Wetsuits – For a Premium Diving Experience

NeoSport is a renowned brand when it comes to making comfortable, sturdy wetsuits for your SCUBA diving, triathlons, general watersports, and even commercial applications.

NeoSport’s has an unrivaled combination of product features and benefits, and efficient manufacturing techniques and careful material selection have made NeoSport wetsuits a brand to reckon with as they offer exceptional value.

Let me show you some NeoSport premium wetsuits you can pick from to ensure a good diving (or canoeing, or any other watersport) experience.

1. 1mm Men’s NeoSport Premium Wetsuit

The NeoSport 1mm wetsuit is ultra-thin and offers you the best of both worlds – the warmth and durability of a full wetsuit and comfort and flexibility of a sports skin.

Featuring durable flat lock stitched seams, and a full back zipper, you’ll find it easy to get into and out of it. Whether you want to use this NeoSport premium wetsuit as an extra layer or as the only layer you put on, it definitely will serve you well.

Being a 1mm wetsuit, it’s more suitable for warmer waters, in the ranges of 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit and especially for activities such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing, etc.

Some features that make it stand out are the adjustable Velcro collar and an internal key pocket (yes, this is a useful feature you’ll be thankful for one day).

Overall, if you are looking for a great warm weather wetsuit, this is a fantastic wetsuit that will certainly put the fun into your diving or other water sport. The excellent fit and flexible design will certainly make for a great wetsuit.

You can get both the men’s and women’s versions come with a $79.99 price tag.

2. 3mm Women’s Shorty NeoSport Premium Wetsuit

The 3mm NeoSport Shorty is one of NeoSport’s bestselling wetsuits.

And that for very good reasons.

The shorty is the perfect all-round wetsuit for warm water as it is versatile and provides core warmth without getting too hot.

Because of its great fit and versatility, it is ideal for most recreational watersports including SCUBA diving, swimming, surfing, jet skiing, and many others.

And like other NeoSport premium wetsuits, it comes with sturdy flatlock stitches, an adjustable collar, a full length back zipper, lycra trimmed arm and leg seals, and a handy key pocket.

Apart from being a very functional wetsuit, the 3mm NeoSport shorty is also a very good looking wetsuit that will inspire confidence as you do what you do best – enjoying the water.

3. 7mm Men’s NeoSport SCUBA Long John Wetsuit

If you are a fan of the farmer John type of wetsuit (also known as the Long John), then you’ll definitely love the NeoSport SCUBA Diving long John is a great one to consider. Whether you want to wear it alone or with the matching Step-In Jacket (sold separately).

For easy in and out, this NeoSport premium wetsuit comes with a helpful Velcro shoulder entry. With the durable flatlock seam stitches give the wetsuit unparalleled durability that can withstand even the harshest of conditions.

A point to not about donning the long john in tandem with the step-in-jacket is that the wetsuit will overlap at the torso. This results in the 7mm wetsuit giving you the warmth of a 14mm one.

And like every other full NeoSport premium wetsuit, the long john comes with durable kneepads for extra protection in and out of the water.

4. Men’s NeoSport SCUBA Step-In Wetsuit Jacket

If you fancy the NeoSport SCUBA long john, then you’ll certainly have to pair it with the NeoSport SCUBA step-in wetsuit. The NeoSport SCUBA Diving Step-In Jacket can be worn alone, or paired up with your matching “Farmer John.”

The NeoSport SCUBA step-in wetsuit jacket features a heavy-duty front zipper that will allow you to step in and out of your wetsuit easily when the need arises.

As with all NeoSport premium wetsuits, this one is well designed and made to last you a very long time as it features NeoSport’s high-grade neoprene, stitched to perfection with sturdy flatlock stitches.

5. 1.5mm Men’s NeoSport XSPAN Wetsuit Pants

If you are looking for one of the best wetsuit pants, then look no further than 1.5mm NeoSport XSPAN wetsuit pants. They are not only durable but very stretchy as well as they are made out of 100% high-end super-stretch neoprene.

Featuring strong flatlock seams and a reinforced seat area, these pants will definitely last you years.

And to ensure a great fit, the pants come with a cinch cord on the waist.

Whether you want to wear these pants alone or as a layer, you’ll find them fitting well and comfortably.

NeoSport Premium Wetsuits – For the Love of Water

If you love spending time in water no other wetsuit will complete your experience the way a NeoSport premium wetsuit will.

Made from the best material so as to give you a comfortable fit and great durability, these wetsuits will definitely become your favorite (and probably only) brand when it comes to wetsuits.

What are you waiting for?

The water is calling.

Go ahead and get yourself a NeoSport premium wetsuit and answer the call.

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