The Ressence Watch Review – It’s Not Just a Timepiece, It’s a Statement

The dive watch.

Ever since Goldfinger, it has become more of a fashion statement than a functional timepiece.

But for avid scuba divers, a dive watch is not just about keeping time.

At least not in the sense that “land lovers” see time in.

You see, for a diver, time is not just the passing of a second. For a diver, every second that counts means less air in the tank and less time underwater.

In some instances, every second that passes is a second closer to decompression and potentially, a fatality.

Well, that’s a bit dramatic, especially in this day of the dive computer.

True, dive computers have made diving very safe and some say they have replaced the diver’s watch but that couldn’t be further than the truth.

Dive watches, like the Ressence watch, have, and always will be a part of the diving culture.

Not just for their practicality and functionality, but as a statement – a statement that diving rocks. So much so that many people want to don a diving timepiece on their wrist.

So what’s so special about the Ressence watch that I just mentioned above?

We’ll get to that in a moment, but let’s look at the history of the watch first.

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The Ressence Watch – A Brief Timeline of an Amazing Timepiece

Ressence is a luxury watch manufacturer established in 2010 by Benoît Mintiens in Antwerpen, Belgium. The name is a portmanteau of “Renaissance” and “essence” and truly portrays what the watch is all about – the renaissance of classic watches with a modern day technological essence.

One feature that sets the Ressence watch apart from other timepieces is Ressence’s patented time display system. All the graphical elements that form the watch’s dial lie in one co-planar surface very close under the sapphire glass – including the digits and graphical hands.

The Ressence watch’s combination of superb simplicity and functionality has earned it the moniker the “Apple” of watches.

Ressence produced its first 50 production watches, the ZeroSeries in the spring of 2011. 2012 saw an upgrade that was called the SeriesOne. The major improvements were the omission of screws to hold the back sapphire, downturned lugs, and a new shock absorption system. The time module also received some minor changes.

2013 saw the release of what was soon to be the Belgian newspaper, Le Soir’s Men’s Watch of the Year, the Ressence Type 3. Not only was it the newspaper’s favorite watch, but it soon became one of the most popular watches produced by Ressence.

From then on Ressence had established itself as a formidable force in the luxury watchmaking department.

And in 2015, Ressence introduced a watch that made divers (and people who like diving watches) resurface from every depth and rush to get themselves a Ressence watch – the RessenceType 5.

The Ressence Type 5 – More than Just a Watch

If ever there’s a Ressence watch to take on the iconic diving watch donned by Bond in Goldfinger, the Rolex Submariner, it’s the Ressence Type 5.

What makes the Ressence Type 5 a diving watch you ask?

That’s a great question.

And a good reason for this Ressence watch review.

Let’s take a look at the qualities that make this a great accomplice for your diving excursions by investigating the attributes of a diving watch.

Depth Rating

Depth rating is probably the first thing that differentiates a diving watch from a regular watch – even a sports watch.

What is depth rating?

Depth rating is simply the maximum depth to which a watch can reach without being affected.

Contrary to popular belief, depth rating doesn’t just deal waterproofing, although that plays a big role. Depth rating also takes into consideration the pressure and water temperature at the depths the diving watch is rated to.

If a diving watch exceeds its depth rating, water can start seeping through due to the great pressure at that level or it can simply just stop functioning.

One reason many people purchase dive watches is for this very reason – they are rugged. Since they are created to survive the harshest conditions and still keep ticking (and perfectly for that matter), then you can definitely trust a diving watch to see you through most anything.

So how does the Ressence Type 5 fair in this department?

Pretty well actually.

The Ressence Type 5 has a depth rating of 100m, making it good enough for recreational diving. Most recreational divers never go beyond the 100m.

At this depth, the Ressence Type 5 will continue to function as accurately as it would it on the surface.

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Legibility – Especially Under Water

Perhaps the most important feature of a diving watch is legibility. After all, what use is a waterproof watch if you can’t read it under water?

Many diving watches have very good depth ratings yet fail to offer clear dials, rendering them useless in the end.

This is where the Ressence Type 5 outshines the competition.

Featuring a pitch-black dial with highly-contrasted indexes and hands, the legibility on this Ressence watch is surprisingly superb.

At this point, I need to point out that due to its design, the display of Ressence watches takes a bit of getting used to. But that will only take you a few minutes to figure out how the watch reads.

Whether you use the watch during the day or at night, you will discover that it has pretty great readability thanks to all the indexes, tracks, hands, and indications of the dial being coated in a luminous paint.

But for a diving watch, legibility goes beyond just being able to see the face of the dial. It means being able to quickly ascertain the position of the most important indicator – the minute hand.

The Ressence Type 5 features a regulator-style display with separated indications for the hours and minutes. This makes it easy for you to quickly read the watch.

But this Ressence watch is not the first diving watch to feature all these factors, so what is it that makes it outshine the competition?

Zero Reflection Underwater.

Yes, that plague of many a diving watch has finally found a cure.

If you are a diver, you probably know what I’m talking about.

For the uninitiated, I’ll fill you in.

Most dive watches are only readable underwater when looked straight in the dial. At other angles, there will be distortion which, when the angle continues to increase, results in the “mirror effect”.

The Ressence Type 5 doesn’t suffer from that malady.

Say goodbye to distortion underwater with this Ressence watch, thanks to the discovery that was made when still working on the Ressence Type 3.

The discovery?

That eliminating air, by filling the dial with oil, would eliminate distortion underwater while providing a screen-like display in normal conditions. It is the air trapped between the dial and the crystal that causes the distortions.

This alone is reason enough to get yourself a Ressence watch – the Ressence Type 5 in particular.

Let’s move on to the other qualities of a diving watch, shall we?

Construction and Build Quality

Because of the nature of the purpose they serve, diving watches have to meet exceptional quality standards. After all, a malfunction underwater could result in a fatality.

It is actually for these standards that diving watches are highly sought after.

To say the engineering on the Ressence Type 5 is out of this world is an understatement.

As for the construction material, everyone knows that the best materials to build a diving watch must be corrosion resistant and be of very high quality.

The Ressence Type 5 proves itself once again in the construction and build quality segment.

First off, the case of the Ressence Type 5 is completely made of Grade 5 titanium, making it a very light watch. And although it measures 46mm in diameter, it feels smaller due to the almost non-existent lugs.

As for the straps, the Type 5 features black Barenia leather, a very soft, comfortable, and durable leather.

In all honesty, this could be one of the most comfortable watches you’ll ever wear, thanks to it being well proportioned and featuring the best materials a watch can be made from.

Like the Type 3, the Ressence Type 5 features the innovative “no-crown” concept that really got tongues wagging concerning Ressence watches.

I bet you are wondering about the oil that brings the dial right up to the screen.

True, oil is affected by temperature (and pressure) which can cause it to expand or contract in extreme hot or cold temperatures respectively. The Ressence features 7 bellows to help compensate for dilation. In extreme cold, the worst that could happen is the formation of a bubble.

And as for the unidirectional bezel, you can’t find one as precise and easy to use as the one featured on the Ressence Type 5, making it one exceptional diving watch.

The Ressence Watch – Not Just for Diving

With all the above concerning diving watches having being said, you may be tempted to think the Ressence watch is just that – a diving watch.

As an everyday watch, the Ressence Type 5 (and every other Ressence watch for that matter) is an exceptional time piece that you can trust to always give you accurate time readings.

And with its unique display, it definitely is a conversation piece (and a chick magnet if you are still an eligible bachelor). This is definitely one watch that stands out (and is fun to look at) due to its unique design.

If you’ve got upwards of $35,000.00 to splurge on a watch that makes a statement in and out of the water, then the Ressence Type 5 is definitely the watch to get.

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