Technological advancements have transformed the world in so many areas.

Life has become easier, more convenient, and more organized.

And when it comes to sports and leisure activities, technological advancements in the form of apps and devices have helped improve efficiency in terms of training and productivity in terms of results produced.

One such app is the Suunto Movescount.

It has been an invaluable tool for athletes in every discipline helping to improve their skills and talents.

And when Suunto introduced the Movescount for divers, many divers quickly embraced the Suunto Movescount as it brought many advantages and improvements to this already out of this world pastime.

What improvements?

I’ll show you briefly.

But first, who is Suunto and what is the Movescount tool?

Why on earth (or in the ocean) should you even be bothered with this platform?

Suunto – Directing Your Diving 

Suunto is a Finnish company that manufactures and distributes sports watches, dive computers, compasses, and other precision instruments related to sports.

Although Suunto is globally active, the headquarters is placed next to the factory, where most of the work stages are still handcrafted.

A Brief History

Suunto was founded in 1932 by a surveyor by the name of Toumas Vohlonen after submitting a patent for a liquid filled compact compass. Although not the first of its kind, it certainly was the most portable at that time.

Toumas called it the M311.

His invention was so popular it attracted the attention of the Finnish army, leading him to supply them with a slightly improved version of the M311 – the M34.

Apart from the M34, Suunto also supplied the Finnish army with various precision instruments. This propelled the company to great heights concerning the sales of precision compasses for all purposes.

After the death of Toumas in 1939, his widow, Elli, took over the running of the company until 1952 when she sold it to Paavo Kajanne, Aarne Mahnala and Veli-Jussi Hölsö, who also owned Redox Oy.

After passing through a couple of other hands, Suunto finally found a permanent (I hope) home when it was bought by Amer Sports in 1999.

Suunto – Diving Its Way

Suunto is a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation, together with its sister brands Wilson, Atomic, Sports Tracker, Salomon, Precor, Arc’teryx, and Mavic.

And if you’re wondering, Suunto is a derivative of the Finnish word “suunta”, which means direction or path; or in navigation, bearing or heading. It’s a very fitting name for a company that makes some of the best portable sports watches and compasses.

In 1965, a Suunto compass changed the world of diving, quite by accident.

It so happened that a British sport diver discovered that Suunto’s liquid filled compass also worked underwater. Upon discovering this, Suunto quickly went into gear to develop their first dedicated dive compass – the SK4 (SukellusKompassi or diving compass).

It quickly took the diving world by storm and became renowned for its durability and reliability. In the 1980s, Suunto quickly became a leader in the manufacturing of precision diving instruments.

Keeping Up with the Modern Times

This was a major shift for the company as they had previously only been making mechanical instruments. The move to producing electronic diving computers paid off as it was Suunto’s most significant innovation and a big influence on scuba diving culture and shift to becoming a popular sport.

And as the times have changed, so too has Suunto evolved.

The company now also provides software solutions for interpreting recorded data from watches and for controlling them.

One such is the widely popular app, the Suunto Movescount.

The app started off as an online service at the beginning of 2010 and 4 years later, in 2014, the Suunto Movescount app was released, however, running only on iOS devices.

After a number of hiccups, the Suunto Movescount app for Android devices was finally launched on the 4th of May in 2015.

It seems this was a big day for Suunto and the whole Amer family as that same day, Amer Sports announced the acquisition of Sports Tracker, which was to join forces with the Movescount app.

With such an illustrious history and pedigree, it’s no wonder the Suunto Movescount app has become the go-to tracking app for sportspersons, including divers.

The Suunto Movescount App – More than Just an App

The Suunto Movescount is more than an app, it’s your diving partner.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that come with the Suunto Movescount app and why you need to get it as part of your diving equipment.

1. Track Your Fitness and Progress


Every sportsperson knows that keeping track of their exercise regimen, calories, and progress in general is integral to constant improvement.

With its GPS tracking ability, every movement you make is logged, the calories you burn recorded, and your heart rate is even monitored and a record kept online.

That’s why many trust the Suunto Movescount app and online tracking service.

And as a diver, you should too.

Not only will the Suunto Movescount app help you keep fit on land, but it will also help you track your movement underwater.

Suunto Movement will help you log your dive depths and times and also keep track of your underwater co-ordinates. This helps you in those times you speedily want to get back to the last place you investigated.

2. Build a Community

friends having a great time in the sea

Besides being a movement tracking solution, Suunto Movescount is also a thriving community where you can share your ideas, movements, and the fabulous sights you encounter on your underwater adventures.

If you think being a part of a community is unnecessary, you’ll miss out on being in tune with fellow diver’s experiences, personal best trends, comparing notes with peers, community training, and a whole many more advantages and benefits.

In fact, you can call the Suunto Movescount community your family – your diving family.

With the Suunto Movescount community, you have a friend to hold your hands wherever you go, and a good advisor to answer your questions.

With this powerful community, wherever you go in the world, whether you are diving, running, hiking or mountain climbing, you will always have a great team backing you up.

If you are looking for a diving community you can join, no sweat. You can join Suunto Divers, they are always open to kindred folk.

3. Find the Perfect Spot Using a Heat Map


Visiting a new dive site and not sure where to start?

No problem.

The Suunto Movescount app has you covered. With its heat map function, the Movescount app will show you all the hot spots you will definitely want to visit.

What are heat maps? I thought you would ask.

Heat maps are simply routes most frequently taken by others, and they are mostly points of interest or popular routes.

The Suunto Movescount app will show you the most visited dive sites by your fellow Suunto Movescount community members. The Movescount app will show you a map and GPS coordinates of those popular must-visit sites.

How do you find heat maps you say?

Another great question.

Finding heat maps is quite straightforward. All you have to do is log into and head over to your profile page. Once there, you’ll find 3 tabs, namely, “Me”, “Map”, and “Community”. Click on “Map”. The Suunto Movescount will bring you to your geographical location’s heat map.

But because the heat map feature is still relatively new, the database is still being populated, meaning some activities and locations may not have adequate information to create a good heat map.

Apart from that, this innovative feature alone is reason enough to be a part of the Suunto Movescount community and platform.

So, if you are feeling adventurous and want to experience new dive sites, go for it. The Suunto Movescount app and the community that powers it are right there with you. Giving you the confidence to be adventurous, yet knowing whatever waters you dive into, you are in safe hands.

4. Celebrate Your Achievements (and Share Your Failures)

friends watching sunset

Another great feature you will enjoy on the Suunto Movescount web platform or app is the ability to share your achievements with the world.

No, it’s not gloating. It’s sharing. And as they say, “Sharing is caring.”

Sharing your achievements (and failures) with others is a great way of encouraging and motivating fellow divers to reach the heights, or in this case, depths, you have reached. As for your scars, well, they help fellow divers avoid your pitfalls.

Either way, other divers will definitely benefit from your experiences.

So go ahead, show how much you care about your fellow divers and celebrate your achievements with the world.

Oh, and by the way, we all have a quota of bragging rights allotted to us. So it’s okay to gloat over your achievements too, in moderation of course.

What’s that you say? You’re interested in the Suunto Movescount community, app, and everything else Movescount but don’t know where to begin?

I could tell you the convenient and easy way of simply downloading the app on your iOS, Android, or Windows devices, but I won’t.


Because divers are cool. And they do cool things.

Like getting a neat diving computer you can strap to your wrist. Need a good example?

The Suunto Eon Series – Your Perfect Dive Partner

The Suunto Eon series of dive computers is one of the best and most advanced dive computers you can find on the market.

Although a bit bulky, you’ll find it comfortable to carry on your wrist but it does require a bit of a learning curve to master, especially for beginners.

Featuring a customizable full-color LCD, a rechargeable battery, multi tank pressure readings, and updateable software, this is one diving computer that you will use for a long time.

Especially with the robust housing, durability is one of the Suunto Eon’s strong points.

One other feature you’ll definitely love with this dive computer is the wireless connectivity. The Suunto EON connects wirelessly with the Suunto Movescount App, connecting you to all your dive logs, allowing you to keep track of your movements (and your dive partners movements) and share your underwater adventures.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Suunto Eon series of dive computers is the price. is no small change. And for beginners, it’s too steep a price to pay for a diving computer, especially seeing that it has a lot of technical information that only pro divers can use.

If you are a pro diver, however, this is definitely the dive computer you need to add to your equipment.

Suunto Movecounts – Your Gateway to All the Best Diving Spots

With the Suunto Movecounts platform and community, there’ll never be a dull moment in your diving endeavors.

You will have all 7 seas, 5 oceans, and whatever other dive spots there are in the world all at your fingertips (or wrist if you are using a dive computer).

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