Best 5 Waterproof MP3 Players

Whether you like to swim, snorkel, or do anything else in the water, you’ll be glad to know that you can now listen to music while you splash around.

All you need is a waterproof MP3 player, and, fortunately, there are many of them on the market today. There’s so many, in fact, that it can be difficult to know which one to pick.

Don’t worry though! We’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll detail the best waterproof MP3 player options, all in an effort to help you choose the right one for you and your needs.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Before we dive in and tell you our opinion on the best waterproof MP3 player options, we want to share a little bit about how we arrived at our ratings.

Unlike so many other articles, we’re not trying to sell you something or to play up a particular product.

Instead, we just want to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for yourself.

We do that by providing you information based on fact and research, lots of research. In fact, we spend countless hours scouring through reviews, information on different brand names, and so much more, all to give you an opinion you can trust.

So, believe us when we say that you can definitely take our word for it.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive in and start exploring the best waterproof MP3 player options.

Best Waterproof MP3 Player #5: Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle

Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle

Most of us have used an iPod before. And, while they’ve gone out of fashion in recent years, they can still work great for listening to music while you’re underwater.

Of course, you can’t do this with just any iPod. You specifically need a waterproof one, so be careful when looking for this model.

As long as you buy the right thing, you’ll be treated to a nice little iPod that can hold hundreds of songs at one time and that can hold a charge for up to fifteen hours, much longer than your longest swim!

This model is also nice and lightweight, so it won’t bog you down under the water, and it’s super easy to use too. We recommend clipping it to your goggles or snorkeling mask and then taking off!

Best Waterproof MP3 Player #4: The FINIS Duo


FINIS makes all kinds of products geared toward swimming and diving. They’re well known for their snorkels and more. Now, though, they actually make a great waterproof MP3 player. It’s called the FINIS Duo, and it’s a bit different than most other MP3 players.

For one thing, it doesn’t work with headphones the way most players do. Instead, music is actually sent straight into your inner ear thanks to the fit of this MP3 player. Some people really love this feature, especially since it keeps water from getting trapped between headphones and the inner ear.

Others, however, find the lack of headphones a little annoying. Some have also complained that the MP3 player is awkward and uncomfortable.

It’s really all a matter of preference with some people loving this player and others not liking it at all. We’ll let you decide for yourself how you feel about it, but we think it’s pretty great.

Best Waterproof MP3 Player #3: The FX Sport VRX Wireless Smart Sport Headphones

The FX Sport VRX Wireless Smart Sport Headphones

If you’re more into the traditional waterproof MP3 player, you’ll probably really like this model from FX Sport. It has standard headphones, which are actually pretty high quality.

In fact, in terms of quality, this MP3 player is good all around. It has very good sound quality, even underwater, and lots of fun features, some of which are designed to help motivate you through your swim or another workout.

You can adjust the treble and bass settings on this device to customize your sound. Plus, you can take advantage of the amp if you like your music nice and loud.

It’s also nice that, once you buy this MP3 player, you can access a library of training and fitness programs. So, if getting in shape is your goal, this 8GB MP3 player can help you in more ways than one.

Best Waterproof MP3 Player #2: The Diver DB 10

Diver DB 10

If you’re looking for an affordable waterproof MP3 player, this is the one you want. The Diver DB 10 is very affordably priced.

However, don’t let the low price fool you. This is still a quality, well-made device. It features 4GB of available storage, and it comes in both blue and pink for the style conscious out there.

Some people have reported issues with having the headphones stay in, but they are super adjustable, so you should be able to find the perfect fit after a few tries.

Best Waterproof MP3 Player #1:The Sony Walkman NWZW273S Waterproof Sports MP3 Player

Sony Walkman NWZW273S

Hands down, this waterproof MP3 player from Sony is our favorite of all.

We love the fact that it’s entirely wireless, unlike the old walkmen of the 80s and 90s. The wireless design makes it easy to carry and use everywhere.

Also, we like that this device charges quickly. Plus, when it’s charged, you get up to 8 hours of playing time, which is much longer than the average swimming session.

Other nice features include the 4GB of memory, the great search feature to help you find songs you want to download, and the easy navigation of your music library.

We have to say that this device really wins out over all the other waterproof MP3 players we looked into, and we recommend it very highly.

However, everyone has different preferences and opinions, so don’t just take our word for it. We encourage you to do your research, check out different models in person if possible, and then make an informed decision about which MP3 player is right for you.




Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle

Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle





The FX Sport VRX Wireless Smart Sport Headphones

The FX Sport VRX Wireless Smart Sport Headphones


Diver DB 10

Diver DB 10


The Sony Walkman NWZW273S Waterproof Sports MP3 Player

Sony Walkman NWZW273S


Buyer’s Guide

As you can see, there are a lot of waterproof MP3 player options out there. These are actually just a few out of a great many.

Whether you choose a waterproof MP3 player from our list or not, we encourage you to think carefully before you pick one.

One thing you’ll need to think about, for example, is where you plan to use your MP3 player. This is important because not all devices can handle all types of water exposure. If you’re just a pool swimmer, you can probably get away with using any waterproof device. For ocean swimmers, however, it’s necessary to choose a serious MP3 player rated up to the depth you plan to take it.

In addition to ensuring that you choose the right player for your specific swimming needs, you should also pay attention to the battery life. If you are someone who swims for a few hours at a time or even for a few hours spread out over the day, you are not going to want an MP3 player that doesn’t last through your swim or that has to be charged all the time.

Also, make sure that you find the player easy to use and operate. This is something that it’s best to test out in person if you can. But, if not, just read reviews and pay attention to what people say about the controls. This is important because you want something you can operate without having to stop your swimming or without it being a huge hassle. The easier the controls are, the better.

Something else to think about is storage space. For some people, 2 to 4 GB of storage is just fine. If you don’t have a huge music library, for example, or if you don’t mind changing out songs from time to time, a lower storage space should be fine. If you do have lots and lots of music, however, or if you like to listen to longer files, like podcasts, then you might want to look for an MP3 player with more storage. 8GB is usually the highest amount of storage you’ll find with MP3 players.

Make sure you also think about comfort, something else that, ideally, you would check out in person if possible. Nothing is going to ruin your swim more than headphones that keep coming out of your ears or an uncomfortable fit. You need an MP3 player that you can use effortlessly, almost like you don’t even know that it’s there. If you can’t test the fit and comfort out for yourself, then just pay careful attention to what reviews have to say in this area.

You also, of course, need to make sure that your MP3 player will work with the type of music library that you use or that you’re willing to use a different music library. You want to make sure that you like that library and find it convenient.

And, in addition to choosing a player with a music library you like, make sure your player can handle the different types of files that you may like to play. While some of them only play MP3s specifically, there are plenty of players out there that can play a wide range of different file types.

Once you’ve figured out all of the important stuff, you want to think about price and features. Price, obviously, is a big thing. MP3 players can range from less than $100 to well over $100, depending on brand, size, capabilities, and more. It’s wise to set your budget first, before you start shopping. That way, you won’t accidentally end up spending more money than you can actually afford to spend.

In addition to deciding on price before you start shopping, we also advise making a list of “must have” features before you shop. It may sound silly, but this can help you when you start looking through all your options. There are so many choices out there, and to keep from being overwhelmed, it’s nice to just have a checklist of features to refer to. That way, if a player is missing some of the features you’ve listed, you can just go on to the next one and continue your quest, just like that.

Furthermore, if you have this checklist and keep it by your side as you shop, then you won’t accidentally miss out on a feature you really wanted. There’s nothing worse than forgetting how much you wanted a feature and then accidentally buying something that doesn’t have it.

Finally, don’t forget to think about the warranty, especially if your waterproof MP3 player is one of the expensive ones! Not all players come with a warranty, but you really want to try and get one that does. If you are lucky enough to get a warranty, make sure it’s the best possible one. Your warranty should, at the very least, protect you from manufacturing defects or issues that are beyond your control. Also, a good warranty will be for at least a year. If a player does not come with a warranty or it’s not a very good warranty, you’ll probably want to look at other options.

As you can see, it can get a little overwhelming when shopping for a waterproof MP3 player. There is just so much to think about. However, if you can keep these tips in mind, there’s no reason you can’t pick the perfect one, one that you’ll be satisfied with for many years to come.

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